LA Source

Bruce Margolin
April 27, 2017

LA Source

LA Source, a solar energy consulting firm sought to build an application for managing the municipal permit application process for solar panel installation. Their goal was to help home solar companies such as SolarCity in facilitating the permitting process in a seamless and automated fashion. Electrical engineering calculations were made against a database of all permitted solar equipment. All installer needed to do was follow a step by step process of inputing the system components while the application could determine if the proposed system would be permit-able,  generating a time and cost savings for the city and installers.

In addition to rebranding their website,  we took their proof-of-concept Solar Permitting Application and enhanced it with role based permissions capabilities to manage access between administrators, installers and city permitters.


Technology Stack

  • Frontend
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • Sass
    • JS/Jquery
  • Backend
    • Docker
    • MongoDB
    • PHP
    • Laravel
    • Python